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Why Older Women Tend To Fall For Younger Men

They smell more attractive to women

Younger men’s bodies are at the peak of their health, studies have revealed that the older we get the stronger we smell due to change in our body odor. This means that younger men are likely to apply or wear scents like cologne and spray to stay sharp. Smells play a very huge role in attraction.

Younger men experience the world differently

We all do things differently according to generation that is type of dressing, music, fun among other things. Younger men do these things very differently and women consider them to be cool. This opens the minds of their partner as they learn a lot and have a whole new experience of life. They share their world together

Young men are more stylish

You all understand this, and most ladies would love to be with a stylish person. They are likely to pay attention on new fashions, trends; they also may choose style over comfort and keep up with the latest trend. How men dress is one of the features women are attracted. Everyone finds a presentable person cool and classic

Younger men are full of energy

Energy adds new experience to a relationship, youthful men are alert and may be more eager to try new things and keep up with the current trends, activities. This may help to keep the relationship exciting and full of more new things and new memories

Younger men have more time for you

Most young men will spend their time with their partner engaging in different activities, and making memories. Older men may have a lot of things to deal with like career, and may be children and he may have less time with his partner, but younger men do not worry more about this as they have a lot of time to shape their future.

Younger men do not want children so fast

This basically is an advantage if a woman does not intend to have kids soon. Younger men have more time to wait until the right moment while still living their life. Studies have revealed that men are delaying having kids recently and they prefer having them in their thirties

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