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How can I get over a relationship break up?

How can I get over a relationship break up?

1.Do not reach.

You will issue a withdrawal whether the relationship was good or bad, and any reason for the completely unnecessary access is a reason to get your fix.

Go for the cold turkey (if you can — obviously this does not include childcare communications, shared funds, etc.); contact with an old person simply restores the process of removing toxins from the grieving body.

2. Take time to warm up and succeed.

Let the dust settle for a while - you may speak again, but you must take the time to do nothing and be sad and be better and younger so that when the reunion happens, you can no longer be the same person who passed the split and instead the person who survived and prospered. Sometimes after all the cards have been played, the only step left is to win and have some really good a * s.

3. Make a list of the qualities you want in a partner.

The act of writing something down indicates the end hand. The list of qualities you want in a partner will quickly and clearly shed light on what went wrong between you and your spouse and will help to separate you feel personal and like an event that happened to YOU ​​to change, become better self and find your true game.

4. Try to imitate.

Many of the differences are the real result of real incompatibility, and the older we get, the more we realize that love alone is not enough. Your ex-partner is probably not a scary person, and neither are you.

If you are honest with yourself, you may be able to determine from the outset what the points of disagreement might be. People can and do overcome adversity, but it's also okay if you don't do it.

5. If it is intended to be so, you will find each other again.

This is not to give anyone a false hope, but rather to relax easily knowing that you have done what you were supposed to do right now and that if you were created for each other you will find your way back. Even if you don't talk again or reciprocate, it becomes easier to continue to trust the universe.

It is arrogant and sad to tell yourself that it is over and that you have to pass it on, even if that is true; instead, let things be what they are, let both of you learn and grow, and let the whole universe guide you where you should go.

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