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Dating Romantic

Enchanting ways to attract love

1.Have a positive attitude.

-Positive attitude about love and life is the best way of attracting your love.Positive thoughts attract the same likes.Staying with a person who has negative attitudes may not be a healthy relationship.If you have negative thoughts due to past relationship.It is important to forget the past for you to get a chance of being in a better relationship,use the past mistakes lessons to create a new stepping stone in your new relationship.

2.Focus on building relationship first.

-There is no need jumping into romantic relationship with every person you meet in your life.This may lead to downfall simply because the relationship may not take too long.Good relationship is one that you take time to know each other well.This reduces the incidents of frustration which mostly occur due to rushed into relationships.The best thing is to take new relationship as it come without any rush.

3.Culture the traits you will like to find in your partner

-One should cultivate whatever traits they want in a partner.They should lead by being examples.If you are looking for a partner who is loving,caring,generous then be that.Its only if you have the traits for you to find your joy.It is often said that you do not attract what you want,you attract what you are.You have to work on yourself first and the rest will fall in.

4.learn to value yourself first

-This means you should love yourself first before you try to fine love from others.This will help you empty loneliness or the urge of need from others.If you love yourself first you will have adequate enough to share to others and attract love.If you treat others with love you will receive with equal measures.

5.Do not take rejection personality

-Never feel rejected or unworthy of who you are.We all have a short time to life for regrets.Be strong and go for what you want.Confess you feelings to avoid later regrets for what you did not do which you should have done.

6.Make yourself visible

-You need to be proud of yourself and take pride in your appearances.Be attractive and presentable.

7.Be optimistic about yourself

-Have good thought and plans for the future.No matter how the past was there is still a future .You can still attract the love you deserve.

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