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Ladies, Men Consider Inner Beauty and Not Physical Beauty

Ever wondered how you will look at age 60?

Did it ever hit you that that face will not be the same at that age?

Did it ever hit you that all that investment in make-up will be like a total waste of resources?

Beauty that comes with modification is neither a business nor a longer-term investment, so think further when you go out there trying to look like one of those ladies you call mentors of admirations.

The beauty that comes with your original body is enough to get the guy you want. Let me give you a piece of my mind. Many guys need a real lady who knows and appreciates herself for who she is, of course you cannot believe me but that is true. Why do I say this? Because yes guys will smile at you and approach you but many of them will say to themselves that they thought they fell in love with you. In reality they fell in love with your body. To them, you cannot make a wife, you are not wife material but you only seem to focus so much on your physical beauty and not focusing on building your inner beauty such as character. Many men out there who are serious to get a wife may overlook you as you focus too much on maintaining your physical beauty.

I must have given so much in those few statements but the question is: for what reason are you investing in your make-up?

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