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The realities of Modern day dating

Dating, what comes to your mind when you hear the word “Date”?. You see dates are supposed to be an opportunity to socially connect with someone with whom you intend to be in a romantic relationship with or already have an existing one but sadly the whole idea has totally been misinterpreted by people lately.

Currently a guy says to a lady that he would like to take her out on a date and immediately what starts spinning in most of the ladies minds are some of the fancy destinations and hotels that they could be taken to for a treat to make them feel good and have a good time. Who said dates only have to be in fancy places or nice hotels?

Ladies now see it as a means for the men to show them how much they love them forgetting the whole aspect of socially connecting and getting to know each other better which I believe is the sole purpose of wanting to go out on a date with someone. 

On the other hand men also see it as an opportunity to show off how much they are willing to spend on a lady even if they have to incur a lot of debts in the process, all in the name of trying to impress a lady who might not even turn out to be “The one” in the long run. 

It’s simple as that but it could turn out to have drastic consequences. A case in point is when a guy goes out on multiple dates with a lady who he hopes to eventually win over some day and develop something special even start a family if possible. Sometimes it doesn’t play out as they would wish and the relationship breaks off sooner or later. Looking back on the amount of time and money they have invested in this and it ends up not working out, they start having a feeling of having been used and dumped by the lady. This in turn makes them develop some kind of rage and a strong feeling of resentment toward the lady. In the process they look for ways to hit back and this could mean getting into some very irrational acts like even physically assaulting the lady, raping her or leading to murder in very extreme cases. 

It’s funny to see how the whole idea has been materialized with ladies seeing it as a chance to be spoiled and in the process milking the men dry of any cash that they could possibly have on them while the men totally not being weary of the scenario playing out, they also see dates as a chance to show their might and dominance financially at any cost, hiring private taxis, ordering exquisite and expensive meals just to be seen as being capable of properly taking care of a lady.

Clearly everyone needs to rethink this because I believe it’s never too late to change the dynamics of dating but all in all it comes down every individual’s perspective which is influenced by many things including but not limited to the societal orientation on this matter and the kind of socialization they’ve had in life.

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