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Reasons why you should not believe in love at first sight. Opinion

1. Love, at first sight, might be driven by outward appearance.

At first sight, it is difficult to tell someone's characters and behavior, therefore loving this person will be purely based on their outward looks which might be deceiving. If step into a marriage or a serious relationship based only on outward looks, your love might fade with time as you continue learning some turn-off behaviors in your partner.

2. Might occur because of lust

Most people mistake lust for love and this makes the relationship break on the first storm that hits it. Before letting someone into your life, you should know if the relationship is driven by love or lust that might last only for a short time and fade.

3. the First impression might be deceiving

First impressions are the major pillar of love at the first sight, it can, however, be noted that first impressions might be true or false if the impression is fake, then the whole relationship will be based on lies. It is very important to study someone quickly because a relationship is something meant to last for a long time and marriage is meant for a lifetime.

4. It is difficult to get a double coincidence.

Love, at first sight, is usually based on first sight which is very difficult to come across, it is almost impossible for coincidence to occur on both the male and female's side. The falling might only occur on one side like the man falling for the lady on the first day or the other way round.

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