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Heart Touching Love Letter Ever Written

If you are going to fall in love with me, here are the things you should know beforehand. I cry often whether its during a movie, or a sad song on a radio or a regular Sunday morning.

I will cry even when I speak of the things that have hurt me and even when they dont hurt anymore.

I am afraid of being left empty, void and sad. I am also afraid of not being good enough.

I will tell you the ways in which I hate myself, and not believe a single word you say when you disagree with every reason.

You can tell me you love me countless times but still, I will be afraid of you leaving me. However, dont blame yourself. I have to expect the worst because I always get the worst.

When I fall in love with you, I will love each crack on YoUr skin and every freckle of light in your eyes.

I will fall in love with the way you look when you are sleeping and the way your mouth curves when you say my name.

It can be difficult to love me, but for me loving you, is just as easy. All I ask is that you dont give up on me and in return, I will never give up on you.

I will love you with my entire heart and if one day you may decide to leave, I will still think highly of you. I will still recall how kind hearted you are.

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