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"Without Touching Her, I Washed and Cooked for Her" The Story of How a Man Won His Wife's Heart

Eliud M Kihara, has described how he won his wife's heart after nursing her for a week when she was sick. After meeting on Facebook in 2018, the two exchanged contact information and began speaking over WhatsApp. They were both dating other people at the time.

After discovering she was still in another relationship, Eliud alleges that he became frustrated and went silent on Purity. He reconnected with her in December 2019 and was even more unhappy when she shared a photo of another man clutching her waist on her WhatsApp status. He made the decision to sever his relationship with her for good and even unfriended her on Facebook.

Purity later sent Eliud a Friend request in June 2020, which he accepted, and they resumed communication. Purity failed to invite him to her birthday party because she had invited another man. He was later dissapomated again.

Purity became ill shortly after her birthday, and Eliud came to see her and nursed her for a week. He claims he washed and cooked for her without ever putting his hands on her. She granted him the opportunity to date her after she was recovered. They started living together after that, and Eliud had already paid the dowry three weeks into the relationship. The couple is now blissfully married.

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