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5 Easy Ways Of Proving If A Lady Is In Love With You

Love is blind and no one should come in between two people that are in love. Its a big blessing to find true love especially in this era we are living in. And again, Love is a two way traffic, you receive what you give. If you want your partner to love you, you must love them first and show them by action so that they can reciprocate. It's very easy to know and understand if a lady is really in love with you through the following steps:

1. Receiving phone and replying texts- when love is involved no one is able to resist the felling and attraction therefore when you call or text a lady who is in love with you they better stop whatever they were doing to hear from you. If you text her as well, even on petty issues you must receive a feedback immediately. True love will never resist or delay you.

2. Hold of hands - If she loves you she will never be afraid of holding back your hand in public since you are all that matters to her. She will as well be excited and proud to show people the love of her life.

3. Never resist- She is always ready to defend you incase of anything and she never shy away from telling you how much she loves you even in the presence of her friends.

4. Posting photos- If she has already set up her mind and decided that you are the only one in her circle then she has no problem on sharing you photos on her status.

5. Concern- You are the first person to check on early in the morning and the last to talk to late at night. This is enough evidence that she loves you with no doubt.

After confirming this now you can walk shoulder high since you have won a heart. ❤️

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