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7 Benefits of Marrying a Mature Partner That we can Learn From Guardian Angel and Regina Daniels.

They say that love is blind, and sometimes people don't have complete control where the seed of love germinates.

When guardian Angel went public about his romantic relationship with madam Esther Musila, who was 20yrs his senior a myriad of people greatly castigated the relationship.Many relationship experts in quotes, gave the relationship an expiry date.

But the two love birds have proved all the prophets of doom wrong, because what many thought that was just a wild fling, has turned out to be true love.

People need to desist from judging other's, based on their spouse's preferences, or even sexual orientation.

As we all know, one man's meat is another man's poison, and we cannot all be equal. There are a myriad of lessons, that we can borrow from this successful relationship.

I personally think that there are a lot of benefits, when someone marries a more matured partner than them.

Today we are going to explore 7 benefits of marrying a more matured partner.

And I'll be very succinct in my reasoning, because today I want to wear my heart on my sleeve about this controversial subject. When the young beautiful Nollywood actress Regina Daniels, got married to Nigerian Tycoon Prince Ned Nwoko who was old enough to be her father, a myriad of people greatly condemned her action.

Many labeled her a gold digger and an opportunist, but what many didn't know is that age is just but a number when it comes to the issues of the heart.

Here are the 7 benefits, of marrying a mature spouse.

1. Great chemistry, I have been closely observing this two relationships, and the chemistry involved can make anyone jealousy.

Mature people really know how to pamper their loved ones, in simple terms they are very romantic.

And their hearts are so arable for the seed of love and trust, to quickly germinate.

2. Less marital dramas, most of this mature relationships have less drama's, compared to the younger ones.

Every day we read about celebrities, who have divorced their spouses because of some petty issues.

If you want stability in a relationship, then my advice to you my dear reader is, go for a matured partner.

Please don't misconstrue my noble intention here, I'm not saying that you start chasing sponsors, hell no!

3. Mature way of tackling issues, mature people always have an astute way of tackling pertinent issues.

They don't explode like a volcano, but they are always cool, calm and collected whenever it comes to dealing with complex issues.

4. They know how to handle your weaknesses, we all have our weaknesses.

And in a relationship, you need someone who can handle your weaknesses without castigating you.

If you are in a relationship where you partner always reminds you that, they are even doing you a great favour of tolerating you, then you are probably in a wrong relationship.

5. They are not only your spouses, but they also act as your mentors.

Yes! many mature partners always treat their spouses as their students in life, they will not only love them but they will also educate them about life important issues.

6. They are not judgmental like young lovers, the good thing about mature individuals is that they are not judgmental.

They will always help you on how you can improve, or even better yourself.

7. The always know what to do, whenever faced with a relationship crisis.

Life they say is an odyssey full of challenges, some you conquer and some you lose.

But the big question is, how do you handle challenges?

Do you pack and run, or face them head on?

The difference between successful individuals and failures, is their difference in tackling complex issues.

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