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Husband and wife relationship

Ladies Things You Can Do To Show Respect To Your Husband

Lady, does your husband feel respected or he has to demand it? Do you know how to disagree with him respectfully? Do you respect your marriage vows? Flirting with other men, let alone being physically intimate, dishonors your marriage. When you carry yourself with dignity, you honor your husband.

Never compare your husband with other men. Appreciate the man God gave you. There are many single ladies who wish they were married. Support your man in his career ambitions. Stop being a drama queen. Control your emotions. Be grateful for what God has blessed you with as a couple. Learn to listen. Listen to understand, not to reply.

Stop discussing your husband with other women unless you are praising him. Celebrate your man. Be the hero in his life. Cushion him emotionally when he trips. Perfume your bed. Dress hot for your man. Stay in good shape. Enjoy making love with the love of your life. A man needs your support. No matter how devoted one may be to his marriage, everyone needs their partner to reciprocate.

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