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5 Demeanours Men Love in Women

If you have noticed through out your life, you have probably dated people and their personality actually increased their attractiveness ,hasn't it? Or you have dated people and their personality decreased their attractiveness. Today I am going to share with you 5 attitudes that men love about women. These attitude skyrocket your attractiveness level. The first attitude is the ability to turn your mundane into the fun. As we know life is filled with mundane, in between moments. The moment when you are stuck in traffic on your way somewhere. The moment when you are waiting in line at the grocery store somewhere, and there's this long check out line. So, the question is during this time that you are waiting in line or stuck in traffic, what can you do to make the situation bearable.

You need to have like a variety of games that as a woman you like to play. You will be playing and laughing and having fun and before you notice the time has elapsed and you are the next to be served. This ability makes being around you fun and sets the difference between you and other women. The second attitude is "I am not wearing any panties" attitude. Men get tired many times of always being the ones to initiate any romance in the relationship. Being all suggestive with your man increases your attractiveness to him. Text him to let him know that you are feeling hot for him every now and then, this makes a man finish whatever he was doing as fast as possible to get home to you. Men love it when they are desired.

The third attitude is the confident attitude. This is where the woman knows that she's the source of her own happiness. There is a lot of pressure for men when the woman doesn't know how to be her own source of happiness. Men want to be part of your happiness, they want to partake and deliver your happiness but they don't want to be the soul provider for that happiness. As a woman you must first be happy with yourself, don't seek happiness from men, otherwise you will just look too needy. This attitude that you are in control of your happiness, your fulfilment makes you more desirable to a man.

The fourth attitude is you being a woman that encourages your man's ambitions. There is a point in every man's life that he is trying to build something, to achieve a goal and having a woman that supports him by his side, makes him feel elated. They want a team member at that point. Instead of complaining of his lack of attention to you during this time, you should encourage and empower him. Make him know that you know how much that project is important to him.

The last attitude is someone who see the magic in life. Everyday when we wake up we have the ability to focus on what's going right or what's going wrong. We can focus on the possibilities and opportunities available for us or we can focus on the challenges and all the the problems that are happening to us. But someone who can see the magic in life creates a magical experience to be around. You need to be a person who sees life as a miracle. You need to be opportunistic rather than a pessimist. Having a positive vibe oozing around you makes a man to want to always be around that kind of energy. What are other attributes you find attractive in women? Let me know what your thoughts are.

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