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Husband and wife relationship

3 Things You Should Not Tell People About Your Wife

You have a family and you want to maintain the love and affection both of you have in the family, you have to deny yourself saying certain private things about you to others around you.

No matter how much you trust someone, there are some things you shouldn't tell them about your Husband as a woman. Matters concerning your family should never be discussed away from home. It won't make the other partner happy when they realize you do that to them all the time and they tend to lose confidence in you.

Whatever the difficult matter it is , try to solve it at home and let it stay at home rather than telling someone from outside.

Also don't always be too overjoyed to tell people matters private to your husband, secrets, work details or even the problems you are facing.

Here are some of the things you should never share with someone outside your family with concerning your husband

1.As a family never ever tell your children how your husband thier father is wicked. This will bring division in the family. Some will support thier father and others wi follow your guide as the matter that's causing disunity in the family but rather solve the problem with home in private and give a good picture to your children.

2. Many women on realising or doubting the loyalty of their partners scheme up and device plans to trap their husbands and pay someone to try and lure them in falling into the trap.never pay someone to seduce your partner in trying to prove their loyalty. This won't be taken calmly by Him when he finds out what you did and you will lose His trust in the process.

3. As a wife never tell anyone even your best friend how much your husband is earning not even how much you are earning.

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