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Reasons Why Most Ladies Go For Bodaboda Guys

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1) They are readily available. Women find it okay whenever they need a means of transport the Bodaboda guys are just a phone call away. Due to the fact that Bodaboda guys are just a phone call away it makes a lady prefer a Bodaboda guy.

2) Free rides. Everyone love something that ks free and when it comes to Bodaboda guys they can offer free rides to anyone from one destination to another. This can always make one to prefer the Bodaboda men to any other people.

3) They always have money. Bodaboda guys always have some money since they don't depend on a monthly salary they always depend on a day to day salary so they have money always. When it comes to a lady who is paid on a monthly basis he may prefer to go for the Bodaboda guy because he has money daily.

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