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Reasons Men Go Silent On Women

Sometimes men just go silent to their women without telling them and this really hurts some women alot.

Here are the reasons Men goes silent to their women.

1. If He is seeing someone else

Some men will cheat on their women and later falls in love for that woman that's end up ignoring his wife and keeping silent.

2. If he got bored

If the woman is ever complaining does not give his man time to rest then the man will be bored and goes silent only for peace.

3. If he is trying to play hard to get

Some men will have to play a game just for attention. He will go silent to see if his woman will worry or care of him. Men needs attention too.

4. He does not feel connected with you anymore

Men always need respect from their wives and if she does not do that then the man may go silent and feels nothing about you.

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