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Do you want to sustain your LOVE LIFE. Here is the secret.

Being in love is such amazing and fulfilling feeling. Ask yourself this. What is love?Where does it originate from?Why is love accompanied by so much and mysterious tranquillity?Why is it so sacrificial and selfless. Why is it very slow to anger and slow to judge leave alone to defend your loved one..?

In Galatians 5:22-There is a very exciting ways to spice up our love lives. See this!

1.Be patient with your partner.

2.Be kind to them always. Speak nicely. Help them we they need.

3.Avoid being boastful or portray form of pride. However how much you have or have already achieved.

4.Respect is very important in relationship. Respect and honor your loved one and automatically it will be reciprocated to you.

5.Do not be selfish or self seeking. Mind the other party's welfare.

6.Control your anger and temperament. This will help you handle issues with sobriety and ultimate wisdom and tranquillity.

7.Forgive. Don't keep a record of wrongs. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

8.Be human. Don't delight when things are going wrong on other person's side. Be a genuine and supportive friend.

9.Offer security to your partner. Both physical protection and emotional protection.

10.Honesty is key. This helps you to build trust and a strong bond in your relationship.

11.Give hope. Persevere through all situations and circumstances. Support one another always.

With this you love life will not only last but will have a very strong bond.

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