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Questions a Christian Man Should Ask Himself Before Making a Marriage Proposal

Deciding on whether to marry a woman is one of the biggest decisions a man will ever make. Below are some questions a Christian man should ask himself before making a marriage proposal;

1. Are we in agreement to raise our children in the grace and mercy of Christ?

2. Do we love and enjoy each other?

3. Is she a Christian who has overall excellent character along with a consistent desire to love and honour God in all things?

4. Do we encourage each other to grow in faith and holiness as we both die to the old self and live unto God?

5. Am I prepared to provide spiritually and financially for her, in so far as I am able until death parts us?

6. Am I committed to always being faithful to her even during the most difficult circumstances of life until death parts us?

7. Is she willing to respectfully submit to my authority and judgement as the head of the family? Photos: courtesy.

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