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What to do when love is going

A relation should start with love. Love is a term for the greatest affection and appreciation. We do not love a person for himself, but only because he fulfills certain needs and wishes for us. When the partner no longer fulfills our wishes, for example the desire for recognition, sex, tenderness, understanding, affection, etc., our love turns into disappointment, hate, indifference. In other words, almost no one is capable of unconditional love. Love is the most important thing here on earth and between us. For example: solidarity is love between nations. This is the most important love. If all people would love each other, there would be no more conflict on this earth. Live in peace is important for all of us. And love gives us peace. But there are ladies around they don't care about theire souls, they don't care about feelings, they don't care about love, they care only about money. Cheap women. Very cheap. You can get them easily but you cannot become happy with them. These women are called gold digger. They do everything for you because they will take your money. They have no moral. You can find them everywhere. Take care. Make sure the lady loves you and not your cash. Prove her, test her. Don't trust her. Love is not easy, nobody can tell you something different. Don't play with emotions. Nobody like it if you're playing with feelings. Take it serious. Feelings can hurt. Love can give a pain.

When there is no longer any trust, the relationship will collapse. It is better to end this relationship right away. Delay can only cause pain.

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