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6 Luo Commonly-used Romantic Words and Their Meanings in English

Luo is one of those tribes known for bragging and are much proud of themselves. Their men, though mostly tall and dark, are normally regarded as handsome by a number of ladies. Their women portray good body shapes.

In the love field, this tribe is quite outstanding as per many surveys we did. Quite a number of Kenyan ladies are falling for Luo men as most other men are preferring their ladies too.

But majority fail to understand why this is happening. It is because of their commonly-used sweet calming words. This make people term them as one of the most romantic tribe in the country.

(Photo Credit: Mejasan Photography).

Well, below are some of their words you frequently hear them using but you do not know the meanings;

1. 'Jaber ibernaga'.

This simply means that, "You are always good to me beautiful one". Popularly used by men as it drives women crazy making them cool when experiencing a bad mood.

2. 'Min Nyithinda'.

In English it is, "mother of my children". This is quite on another level as it depicts the respect paid by a man to her wife.

3. 'Aheri Mamaa'.

This is the "I love you mum' phrase majority use to their girlfriends, fiancé and wives. It is one of the lines that make women humble themselves and smile a lot.

4. 'Akiya pingi'

In case of an arising argument, they use it to explain how much they love that he/she can not oppose one's decision.

5. 'Nyar Kingi'

Most of Luo men call their new catches as 'nyar kingi' which means Kings daughter.

6. 'In chiemba machamo'.

If you have ever come across this word and wondered what the hell one is referring to, it simply means that "you are my meal that I take". It is commonly used by men. But it has hidden meaning which is, "you are the only one am having an affair with".

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Kenyan Luo Mejasan Romantic Words


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