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Things To Do To Impress Your Partner

In every relationship there are several things one can do to strengthen the bond between them. Many Relationships and marriages breaks due to simple and transparent mistakes which are easier to get rid of.

Here are few things you must do to build your love and make it last for long time;

HERO or Heroine

As a lady, takes your husband or boyfriend as a hero and vice versa. Praise him in public and private occasions. He will feel loved and proud of you.


Relationship is always control by biological drive. However, feel proud of your partner and love him the way he is.


Gift is a powerful and most attractive stimuli to initiate biological drive and desire to love you more. It's a positive stimuli towards a positive response.

Quality Time

Always spend more and quality time with your partner. Prioritize your time and you will love and cherish each other unconditionally.

Unique Practices

Always innovate new things that shape your Bond. For instance, bathing together and enjoying meals together.

Avoid vices such as violence and aggressiveness that will ends your Love.

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