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Why You Should Never Love A Person Without Considering These 5 Things

1. The safety of your life

Before loving a person, you should know and ask yourself whether your life will be safe with that person. Never risk your life for the sake of love because that is very dangerous. If the person can put your life at risk or in danger, put them off and don't even allow them into your circle.

If a man or a woman is a kind that is short-tempered and uncontrollable when angry, then avoid him or her no matter the cost. That is always a clear sign that you will never feel safe with such kind of a person.

2. The state of your mental health and their mental health

This is another thing you should first of all consider before giving your heart to someone and committing to them. You must have realized that when you hang around some people, they will often provoke the devil in you and before you realize you are even uncontrollable anytime you are around such people.

Anytime you notice that the state of your mental health is affected around a particular person, never commit yourself to them. As a matter of fact, give yourself a break and fix things first. The state of your metal health is more important than even love itself and so never make yourself a victim of circumstances.

3. Consider your peace of mind

Having a peace of mind is the state of feeling safe and protected especially when around certain people. Having a peace of mind when around people means you nolo her have doubts about them and that is a sign that the hearts are knit together.

If you don't have a piece of mind while around them or with them, don't be afraid of giving them a piece of your mind. Never go further with any relation that gives you trouble and fear. Having a peace of mind is better than falling in love with the wrong man or woman.

4. Your religious inclinations

If you are saved, why should you be utterly yoked with those that are not of the same faith. Matters of religion have scattered many marriages because they were not solved earlier during the relationship.

The fact That you are saved means you should've connected to people that are saved and not only that but getting to know their religious standards and whether the are compatible. It is suicidal to take a relationship further and yet the two of you have totally different religious standards.

5. The level That the two of you are spiritually

We all know that there are levels spiritually and we are different. Some are never spiritually minded while others are so much into it and there is no problem.

A person That fears God is a person that is spiritually minded and that means they are born again. Any person that fears and respects God will definitely respect you because they know the rules of engagement. It is important to find a partner that is born again so that the two of you will find it easy to make things work.

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