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Consider This If You Are Thinking Of Paying Fees For Your Partners.

When it comes to matters love, everything seems so easy. You wouldn't even mind doing the impossible for your ride and die. Would you?

In some cases, where one partner is more well off financially than the other one, financial assistance might come in. If the partner is still in school, they might even consider funding their education.

Funding your partners education is not a bad thing but you must have enough reasons as to why you should pay their school fees. Do not do it blindly because they claim to love you. It may be a trap. Maybe they just want you to fund them and later disappear.

Before you decide to chip in and play their parents role, take time to find out if they genuinely need your help. Maybe their parents have already paid their fees and they just want to lure you into their lies so you can give them money to squander.

Secondly, Do you really want to help? Think about it. If it is coming from your heart, fund them. But if you are paying their fees because your partner feels entitled to your money and they think you must pay their fees because you are dating,Please don't .One most important thing is you shouldn't let your partner feel entitled to your finances.

Thirdly, why are you paying their fees? Is it because you love them? Is it because you pity them? Have your reasons. Don't just help for the sake of helping. If you want to pay their fees because you think you have a future together, make sure they have the same in mind. Don't take risks. I would advise you fund your fiancee or your wife not your girlfriend. Your girlfriend might decide to leave after they accomplish their mission. You'll get frustrated. Make sure your intentions are well known to them and they are ready to commit themselves.

Lastly, how long have you known them? How long have you dated them. Kindly don't take things so fast. Take your time to know your partner well. With this you will know their intentions and you will be able to make your wise decision whether to pay their fees or not. Taking time to know their intentions will save you from disappointments.

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