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Do These 3 Things and No Girl Will Say No To You

Most men find it hard to win the love of their dream girl despite them having good and sweet words to talk to you. However there are things you should know as a man before you approach any girl. Having good and sweet words is not enough for you to win her. Here are three things you should do that will make girls chase you.

1. Dress smartly because every girl love smart and neat guys. Remember your dressing is the first impression towards a girl. Starting from the shoes, trousers and shirt and well made hair. Uncomped and shaggy hair will dictate the kind of person you are and wether you are serious with life.

2. The second thing you should do is to have money. No lady can accept you without money unless it is a fake love. Each and every lady wants to know whether you can take care of her because as you all know ladies have alot of priorities.

3. Always be jovial and crack jokes while you are talking to your girl. This is because girls needs someone who can make them happy but not someone who is always groomy and sad always.

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