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Female besties are source of your relationship failure

Why women should never introduce their bestie to their boyfriend

Women have been found victims of their own problems, I most cases women tend to brag around with their men and goes to extent of introducing their female besties to them. My clear message to these women is;

Once you introduce a woman into your man’s life, they develop feelings over each other and with time, they get used to each other. Thus meeting for coffee and even going out without your consent.

With time, they get to a point of getting intimate and they will cheat on you at your back. With an experience from my friends, I get to know how addictive this behaviour is and whenever you upset your man, that bestie has the information and turns out as a solution to the boredom of your man.

Intimacy develops into a strong bond that might end up you being kicked out of the relationship and the female bestie becomes the new custodian of your man

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