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Husband and wife relationship

A Woman Explains The Work She Resorted to After Husband Got Another Wife While she was Pregnant

A Lady by the name Caren from lwandeti,dropped out of school at form two and got married a matter which was not taken lightly by her parents.After Caren got pregnant for her second child his husband changed completely and had the guts to introduce a new wife to their house to live together with Caren.Caren could not bear the pain of sharing his husband with the Co-Wife and left when matters went sour after the husband beat her so badly that left her arm broken.She had no way to survive since her parents never wanted her at home and she opted to become a prostitute to fend food for her children.After sometime her sister who came visiting her could not bear the life that her sister was living and later introduced her to a herbalist by the name Mwikali Kilonzo whom she seeked help from.Few days later,Caren was very surprised after Moses her husband contacted her and said the Co-Wife stole from her and took off and he wanted to fix things between them.Caren was send transport to reunite with his husband who laid down plans to visit her family for dowry negotiations.Please comment.

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Caren Moses


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