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Signs Of Jealousy In A Woman

Jealousy is one of the common characteristics of women particularly when they realize their boyfriends or husbands are seeing other women out there.

Here are some of signs that will help you realize that you wife or girlfriend is jealous.

1. She makes allies outside

When you woman begins suspecting that things might not be fine ,she will begin to create friends out there to monitor you and also also help follow the woman she suspects you are after.

2. She becomes clingy

She does not want to give you space or time for she will always be there to ensure she sees everything you are doing with friends particularly females.

3. She gives backward compliments

When she sees the woman she suspects to be catching your eye for example, when she has a fitting and nice dress ,she will instead say the tailors made the dress well and not the owner.

4. She excludes the woman

When doing things she begins to exclude the woman for example like in parties ,shows or at place of work she excludes her in seminars.

5. She abruptly changed moods

When your girlfriend or wife sees the other woman she suddenly changes everything in her unlike when you are with her.

6. She does phone snooping

She begins to be concerned with the people you talk to particularly when she hears a woman's voice or sees a text from another woman who she rivals . She goes even to inquire from her best friend about the woman.

7. She acts defensive

She begins to deny being jealous particularly when you talk about it . She also denies that she was even thinking about the woman you may think or talk about.

8. She makes critical comments about appearance of the other woman

When she sees the woman she makes various comments about ber so as to distract you and your attention to her.

9. She applauds when the other woman fails

She becomes very joyful when bad things befall the woman and can even share it with her friends just to celebrate bad that befalls her.

10. She begins upping ber game

After she notices what is going on she will begin doing things differently like she will change clothes , make her hair just to compete the other woman.

11. She begins faking physical and emotional distress

She begins giving excuses when she is asked about several things particularly when a sked about the woman.

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