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Five things a Luo man was not supposed to do to his Mother-in-Law traditionally.

1. Greeting mother in law without giving her something

A Luo man was not supposed to greet his mother-in-law "empty-handed" even if he met her without planning. As a Luo man, you were supposed to give your mother-in-law something valuable any time you met her.

2. Sitting directly opposite your mother-in-law.

A Luo man was not supposed to sit directly opposite his mother in law in any occasion because Luos knew that maintaining an eye could make your mother-in-law read your mind easily.

3. Having a casual talk with your mother in law

Any conversation between a man and his mother-in-law was supposed to be very official, with no cracking of jokes or talking about unnecessary things, the conversation was as simple as greetings then straight to the point.

4. Meeting your mother in law when drunk

This was something a man was not supposed to do if you were drunk. You could act inappropriately before your mother-in-law when drunk something that could lead to a taboo.

5. Staying close to your mother in law

You were to stay as far as possible from your mother-in-law to avoid meeting her regularly. If by any chance you married a lady who was from around your place, then you were supposed to move to a place far from her parents.

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