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7 Things Girls Want But Will Never Ask You For It

A lady may want certain things from you as a guy, but she will never ask for them. This sign can only be read by a man who understands a woman's body language and reaction. Not every man is able to recognize these symptoms.

A lady who is interested in you, a lady who wants to be more than a friend. Here are some things that women want but will never ask for. 

1. Tell her about your day. 

Ladies, without a doubt, prefer conversing and keeping the conversation going. Especially if they are attracted to you or are interested in you. And she will constantly want to continue the conversation and share practically everything about her day with you. As a result, as a man, you can always inquire about her day. 

2. Tell her your secrets. 

Women feel more special when a man opens up to them about personal matters or shares a secret with them. This will make her feel unique since she will realize she is more than just another female friend to you. She'll also feel trusted. Women appreciate it when men think they are worthy of sharing secrets with. When you reveal secrets with her, she may get more emotionally attached. 

3. Give her a bear hug. 

When a guy they like hugs them tightly, it makes them feel safe. This is due to the fact that ladies are similarly sensitive, and strong embraces are a romantic symbol that expresses deep love. A firm hug will always make her feel loved and safe in your presence. 

4. Retain her. 

Ladies like it when you hold them. It might be in her hands; this will make her feel more at ease in your presence. Remember that holding hands is always a message that you are proud of her and are never embarrassed to be with her. We clasp hands with those with whom we feel at ease. And it's popular among women. This is because they want you to brag about them. So that everyone knows how proud you are of her. 

5. Share your laughter with her. 

Ladies urge you to join them in their laughter. When you always laugh at her jokes despite the fact that they aren't humorous enough to make you laugh. This will make her feel special in your presence. Ladies prefer the company of men who laugh easily at their jokes. 

6. Make an invitation to her. 

When you invite a lady out on a date, she feels special and enjoys it. Dinners with the family or other significant occasions. This is because it makes them feel special and get to meet important people in your life. 

7. Send her a random text message every day. 

A lady may not instruct you to text her, but ladies appreciate knowing that someone is thinking about them at all hours of the day and night. Texting her randomly also helps create a perfect bound in the relationship.

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