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Three Best Types Of Men That Women Can't Stand To Lose

Once you get attracted to someone who has very cute features it's hard to let him go. You feel like there's something pulling you to him and can't resist that force. This person just makes you go crazy every time you see him and maybe he's just a friend. It's true ladies develop feelings for men if before being approached. To an extra mile, some women are courageous and opt to propose to the men they love. This is because they can't stand the pain of losing them so when the opportunity presents itself they grab it. 

I know every guy wants these ladies but it's rare to have them unless you fall in a certain category. There are different types of men that ladies fall in love with. All depends on your traits, way you talk and interact with them. Since attraction doesn't come from nothing, let me share with you some of different types of men that women die for. 

1. Artistic. 

Entails more about creativity and using brains to come up with a presentable and humorous thing. Let's say he's a poet or musician. This guy will always create very sweet poems and songs for you especially when you're down. He does his art perfectly to please his girlfriend. So ladies love such guys because their company is ever awesome and amazing. An artistic boyfriend makes his woman smile just by entertaining her through his own imagination. 

2. Romantic. 

This is Mr Romeo and Juliet, full of romance and abilities to make a woman feel fully satisfied. He's well skilled in all areas i.e bedroom matters, cooking skills, buying gifts, comfort, care and support. Always shows up early from work just to be with the girl he loves. A girl who has this type of man enjoys being given babygirl treats and queen recognition.

3. Confident/ intelligent. 

The educated, most esteemed and determined man who lives a life that has directions. His aim is to achieve the best out of this world, become a professor, run most lucrative businesses and leave a notable legacy. His power in academics gives him a strong ability to solve issues like an intellectual. Doesn't rush into conclusions, makes very legit points and strategies to get a nice lifestyle for his girlfriend. He even helps a woman achieve her goals and live a fancy life. Instead of giving a woman money, he gives her skills for self development.

Such men are kinda self governed and live by their own rules. It's hard to change their minds especially if you want them to part ways with their loved ones. They defend their own girlfriends and ensure no one trespasses. This makes ladies feel comfortable and much treasured. 

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