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Steps to find true love and happiness

Have you ever fallen in love and at long last you realize you were with the wrong person?, Have you been in an unhappy relationship or hear your friends talking about it?. If you want to find true love and happy one then the following steps will lead you to find the true love.

1 . let go of putting up walls around your heart.

If you have been hurt several times, putting up walls can feel natural thing but the beautiful things come to us when we show our vulnerability. when you get a new person it should be in your mind that this is not the one that hurt you before and it is not fair to treat them as if they have or will hurt you in feature.

2 . Let go of self doubt.

The most important thing is to believe in yourself. Let go of what others tell you you should do and listen to that little whisper of intuition no matter what others think

3 . Let go of waiting for someone else to make you happy

The fact is that there is no one who can make you as happy as you can make yourself. leaving life you want and feeling fulfilled starts with you and not anybody else.

4 . Let go of being attached to outcome

Never expect anything in a relationship. Always be ready to what ever might come on the way. This will save you from unnecessary stress and your life becomes happy. We all have ups and downs but the key difference with happy people is how they think about their failures and successes

5 . Let go of accepting the wrong people

If you always find yourself in wrong people it is important to evaluate yourself and know what is wrong with you. Look inside yourself and look at what makes you happy life and love. use your values to know whether your partner is right for you.

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