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Treat Her Like A Queen And See How Much Love She Has For You

I believe every lady would wish to be treated like a queen so as to feel so special. Hence every man would try the best he can to make her lady feel so special. There are things a man would do to please his love or even wife. Some of the things are like;

Put her needs above your own.

Husbands, this is crucial. Become the biggest servant of your wife. You will win when you do this. Trust me! That's why it's the first bullet point. If you and I can get this one right, our wives will feel honored every single day of their lives. And they will show the same respect for your needs, too.

2. Show up unexpectedly, often.

Only stay at work late three out of the five days of the week. Come home early or on time the other two. Surprise her for lunch and spend time with her when she's at home. Voluntarily go with her to the things she's involved in.

You and I should not only show up unexpectedly often, but also pack surprises when we can. This is bigger than flowers. Surprise her by farming all of the kids out for the evening and taking her on a date. Surprise her by coming home early, volunteering to clean the kitchen or take it upon yourself to carry a load of laundry upstairs. She'll feel valued and cherished when you do these random, seemingly minuscule, acts for her.

3. Think like you’re in college.

There was no distance you and I weren't willing to walk, or measure we weren't willing to go to see her, talk to her, or be with her. Somehow this dies or goes on life-support when you move from sharing a college campus to sharing a house, a bed, and a life with her. Why is that?

I remember finagling my class schedule even if it cost me a better grade to see my future wife when we were in college. Heck, I even blew off class to hang out in the city with her. Why don't I think like that these days? Why don't you? Maybe we should start thinking, or even acting like we're in college more often.

If you got caught making out in the back of the library or something when you were in college, you may want to modify acting like you’re in college with every thing.

4. Give her 1 for every 3.

For every three hours you're working or spending time doing what you love give her one full hour of your undivided attention. For instance, if your work day is nine hours long, give her three hours. After a week that adds up to 15. You've got your weekend covered!

5. Actually want to be with her.

It's one thing to say you want to spend time with your wife, but it’s another thing to actually want to do it. Guess what, She can tell when you're faking it. Our wives are not stupid. Just because you got the college degree and she didn't finish because she married you and eventually began the most important job in the world as a stay at home mother , doesn't mean she’s not smart. She is!

6. Ignore your phone at home.

This is a big one for me. I bet it is for a lot of you guys too. I know the struggle work is important, and so are exterior relationships. The reality, however, is that I don't always need to be on my phone answering tweets, or responding to commenters on our blog. I need downtime, away time, but, so does my wife. More importantly, she needs me. Not just my presence, but my focus.

7. Date her.

I know you've heard this a million times in the past, but it's such an important thing to do. For some odd reason we lose the value of this after we get married. We did too for a time. And the funny thing is, I lived to take my wife on dates before we got married. Why is this a chore for me at times? Why is it for you?

As I said earlier in this post, I'm far from getting this down to a science. In fact, I blow this often. Guys, you and I are rowing in the same boat. We’ve got work to do. It's the most important work in the world. Our marriages are worth it. Our wives are worth it.

Remember, she was the girl of your dreams back in the day. She’s the one human being who could actually get your heart beating fast. Treat her like she’s still all of this and more. In fact, treat her like the queen of the world!

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