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Money and love which one is important in a relationship?

This has been a very main issue in the current world that we are living in right now. Money has dominated over everything and it is not a bad thing to think of but the problem is where you are bringing the issue of money in. Let us take a case example of the relationships that most of us are in right now. Ladies don't love or lets make it simpler they do not like broke men. Most of them tend to go for the wealthy guys but the have absolutely no idea where that man got that wealth from. For you to have a prosperous and successful relationship you should start with someone from scratch and make money money together. That is when you two can enjoy that wealth without any pressure from people because you worked for it. Money was brought to blindfold most people in this world and that is why people tend to commit suicide because of depression due to lack of money

Success does not come that easily. It is something that takes time so that you can get to where you want to reach. But mostly for you to be successful I believe you cannot do it alone. You need a partner who will help you sail through that rough journey. Those are the people we call the real ones in your life. Make money with her and enjoy it in the future with her and your kids. Never fall for a woman who will always depend on you for everything because it will reach a point she will make you broke and she will definitely leave you for another man who has riches.

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