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Ladies, This Are 6 Major Things You Should Have In Your Mind Before Dating a Married Man

In the society today people believe that love is blind and so we have witnessed different occasions where people who do not fit one another in one way or the other getting into love affairs they even end up in marriage.

Norrowing down to ladies who most of the times get into love affairs with married older men than them, highlighted in this short piece of article are things you should be informed of before making a step in such relationship.

As a lady if you find yourself in such love situations and have no otherwise but to try and fit in, listed below are six truths you must be aware of.

1.Trust and dating a married is like mixing water and kerosine, the two can not go hand in hand.

2. You are dating a married man, that you relationship has no feature as there’s no future with a married man.

3. Can you love someone who is so disrespectful to his wife to the extent of dating another lady despite being married already.

4. Dating a married man will always make you feel alone although you will be dating.

5.Married men will never leave their spouses though they will never ever compromise it to you.

6.He is hurting another woman and that is his wife and being that you are also a woman you should understand and feel for your fellow woman.

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