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One Main Reason Modern Relationships Don't Last

Modern relationships rarely go for more than a year. Some don't even go for a month. What could be the problem with the current generation? Here's what probably could be the cause of rapid break ups and heartbreaks.


What kills most relationships is betrayal of expectations. Most of our young generation of lovers are brain washed by works of action and films. These films makes them feel like everything can be perfect just like what they watch in the films. The same also applies to those following up on celebrity relational news and perfect social media posts then wish that's how their relationships could be. These individuals don't pay attention to what happens behind the scenes of those perfect photos and would therefore wish to be what's in the perfect photos, failure to which it's a failed relationship.

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Another aspect in expectations result from lies. Most young individuals lie to win the hearts of other individuals. This is very common with men. Having realised that most ladies are after opulence, they claim to own things they don't have to win the hearts of some materialistic ladies. When the realtionship kicks off, reality takes charge and they have no option but to quit in an embarrassing fashion.

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A poor notion mostly common in ladies is the lie that "I've found the right one". The right one eventually turns out to be the most wrong one you've ever met. Your expectations are betrayed big time.

In other words, if you need your relationship to persist, please avoid or limit your expectations.

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