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5 ways to know a person without him telling you about himself.

5 ways to know a person without him telling you about himself.

Hello guys, knowing a person doesn't mean that this person you want to know about has to tell you about himself. You can just know these person by using your eyes to observe the following things;

1. Dressing style

You should never believe a person who tries too hard to appear cool wearing trendy clothes and costly shoes. He is a manipulator and obviously big imposter.

2. Speech

The way, a person speaks tells you a lot about his attitude and personality. The more educated a person is, the more polite he tends to become.

3. Handwriting

It may be little debatable but the more creative and lazy a person is, the roughest his handwriting gets. On the other hand, organized and disciplined people have good handwriting.

4. Hygiene

You can easily figure out if a person is disciplined or not by looking at this hygiene. Those who maintain hygiene have high self esteem and they tend to love themselves.

5. Smile

A smile can be deceiving most of the times but it shows the person is strong and he is trying to live a normal happy life. 

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