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Avoid Dating These 5 Types of Women For Your Own Peace Of Mind

Here are 5 types of women you should avoid dating for your own peace of mind:

1. The Chatterbox

This is the woman who never stops talking, scarcely pausing to take a breath. She always wants to make a comment about everything and dominates conversations, appearing to be exclusively interested with what is going on in her life.

2. The Desperate Chick

This type of woman will appear wonderful at first, until she begins talking about your wedding venue, how many children she wants, and the name of your future dog straight after the first date! Keep an eye out for a woman that advances WAY faster than usual.

3. The High-Maintenance Lady

If this type of lady breaks a nail, she wants you to drop everything and drive her to the salon as soon as possible. She has a high standard of living and wants you to spoil her with the best and take her out to luxury restaurants on a regular basis.

4. The Club girl

Club girls are nothing more than fantasies about women who have lived in bars and clubs since they reached the legal drinking age. They have lovely faces with full lips, large doe eyes, long legs, and all the curves you could want.

5. The Feminist

This type of woman can never be satisfied by a guy, and she believes that males are to blame for all of society's ills. Her firm view is that women are far more intelligent than men and capable of doing things "properly."

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