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Being your partners 'love and life insurance'

Being in a relationship has different meaning to different people. Therefore it is up to each couple decide what they want it to be. This is because the relationships face many challenges as they struggle to be strong and unshaken.

There are ways in which partners can sustain their relationship and make it growth even more healthier. This is by choosing to be their partners life insurance which the greatest gift a partner can give to his lover.

Tips on how to be your partners life insurance:

1. Being faithful - Being faithful to each other is an obligation in any relationship. Therefore as a couple you need to decide what this means for you and to what extent should it be.

2.Being honest and trustworthy - As a couple honesty and trust is key for a healthy relationship. Therefore you need to be able to trust each other because lack of trust and honesty will lead to arguments and nagging which eventually will end the relationship.

3.Future plans - As your lovers life insurance , you have to put the future of your relationship into consideration. What is expected and what you plan for your future. Are you planning on getting married or even having kids, all these should be incorporated in your talks about the future as it saves each others time because it avoids wasting each others time in case you have doubts about the future. This is a very important role in being your lovers life insurance.

4.Being protective - Material things such as cars ,buildings get destroyed but love is a strong hold to cling on to. Partners should perceive each other as assets and therefore nothing should limit them from protecting them . They will go at any length to ensure the protection of their partners is guaranteed.

5. Being caring - Caring is a very important aspect for couples .This is by being concerned with their needs, their whereabouts and even how they are doing emotionally and physically. This shows they are ready to always be there for their partners at all time may it be joy or grief. They will stand by each other through light and darkness.

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