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Husband and wife relationship

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Partner.

Marriage is a strict stage in life whereby one is able to choose his or her favorite lifetime partner. To avoid bad choice in marriage there are several factors you should consider;

1. Readiness.

Before thinking of marriage, you must be sure you need it and very ready to handle the responsibilities that comes with marriage. Marriage means you are transforming from lady to a mother or man to a father. All these is not simple job therefore one should be ready enough to undertake the responsibilities.

2. Financial stability.

Money is the main control of everything. Having money means that you are able to sustain your family basic needs. Before chosing a partner you have to ensure that you are either employed or you have continuous source of income. It's advisable to start a small business which will help meet your daily needs.

3. Age.

Age is a key factor in marriage but so many people tends to ignore this. To have a matching marriage, the couples age gap should not be greater than five. Preferably men should be older than women in a marriage. This is due to women nature of manopause which comes at 50 years unlike men who can go upto 80 years.

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