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Husband and wife relationship

How To Receive Your Husband After A Busy Day Work

Marriage is commitment and it's a long time decision that has been made. So when one decides to be in a marriage life there are some responsibilities that needs to be met.

For instance as a husband there are some responsibility that he must playas well as the wife. Above all love understanding and commitment should be seen in every marriage. When it comes to a family where the husband is the breadwinner there is a way he needs to be treated or received after he has come from work.

How many ladies does this to their husband? Here are some of the ways in which the husband should be received.

The house should be clean and has a good smell.

When the husband enters the house, he should be welcomed by the smell of the house. The smell should be attractive to the nose such that even when he was angry due to work, the anger should not be transfered to the house. By getting the smell of the house, it should change even her mood.

The other thing, the house should be clean and neatly arranged. The floor should not be having any dust particles. Some husband have this habit of using their fingers to make some drawing on the floor to confirm the cleanliness. He needs not to go to this extent if at all the house us clean.

Welcome the husband with a hug.

When the man enters the house with the good smell, the next thing should be, a very tight hug from both partners because I believe both partners have missed each other since morning. This way the husband feel loved and cared for. After that help him to take out his shoes, coat and any other heavy item he has do that he may be free.

Give him hot cup of tea or porridge.

It always good to prepare something for your husband prior to supper after he has come from work. When the husband is at home as he waits for supper he should be given some hot tea or even porridge. It depends with the preference. This makes the man feels great and warmly received at home.

Give time to freshen up

After having his cup of tea or porridge, let their be warm water in the bathroom so that he may get freshened up. Freshening up helps him to forget all the days stress and concentrate on his wife and children at home. It also helps him to have peace of mind.

Do Not give any complain.

I know ladies like laying complain to their husband especially when they have come from work. This is not always good especially when it has not done the right way. Let your man freshen up and have some peace of mind before saying the challenges you went through during the day. As he rests for a while make sure the super is getting ready.

Have Dinner together.

It is a good thing when couples have their dinner together. Server the food in various hotpots then take it to the dining room. From there you will get time to enjoy your meal together as you share some stories as couples.

Prepare bed

After a heavy meal for supper, I gaze it will be time to sleep. It's the duty of the woman to prepare the bed so that when the husband comes, he finds everything is ready. By doing this I believe you will enjoy your sleep without any distraction.

These are some of the ways in which you can receive your husband at home. He will be happy and never think of causing any strss like cheating on you by having a side 'chick'.

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