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3 Qualities to look in your partner before getting married

marriage is good in fact the bible says that he who finds a wife finds a wife finds a good thing.A man shall leave his mother and father and go start his family.It was an institution

initiated by God, but before we get into marriage there are three qualities to look for in your partner.

1.Beauty in terms of appearance.

This is the first stage where everybody is interested with handsomeness or the body appearance of your partner.This is where by every time you look at your better half,you feel butterflies all over you.But as they say,beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


-In this stage you should be keen on how your partner relates with people around him and how they treat their family like mum and dad or sisters.They say good look attracts but good character retains.


Incase you want to marry look at that relationship and where it will be ten years from now.That's why when on a date people ask about hobbies because hobbies are things done to have fun or feel the worth of living for a lifetime and if your mission or vision in life doesn't rhyme then the relationshi becomes a disaster.

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