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A family in Kiambu divides over the deceased marital status writing two different obituaries.

A local newspaper has covered a story of a family which has posted two obituaries for their deceased family member. The family in kiambu is seen to divide over the deceased marital status. The question that arise is whether the deceased had two wives or had divorced the first wife.

The woman in question is named as Eunice Wanjiku the first wife to Lt. Col. (Rtd) David Njoroge Mwaura. Some family members says that Eunice was already divorced and terms her as Ex-wife. On the other hand some family members says that Eunice was not legally divorced and the law recognize her as a wife to David. The parallel obituaries read as follows.

The first one states,"...son to the late Kenneth Mwaura Kimani and the late Hellen Wanjiku from Giathieko village, Githunguri sub county, Kiambu county. He was the beloved husband to Alice Nyambura and Ex-wife Eunice Wanjiku..." The other group changed the Ex-wife part and left it as,"... beloved husband to Alice Nyambura and Eunice Wanjiku..."

The deceased died on 19th August due to short illness. The deceased is set to be buried on 26th Thursday in Kiambu county.

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