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8 Best Love Making Places Besides Your Matrimonial Bed

What are the best places to make love in? Let's face it, we all face the quarantine drudgery, especially when it comes to our love lives. Wash our hands, switch from day sweats to night sweats, wash our hands and fall asleep in front of Netflix. It's not exactly a routine that inspires the spontaneity it takes to get playful in a closet.

1. Your backyard

Outdoor love making can be surprisingly sensual, thanks in part to romantic elements like a starry night or the scent of flowers carried by a light breeze.When you take it out of the house and place it on a porch swing, picnic blanket, or lounger by the pool, you can experience the action outdoors without fear of prying eyes. Just make sure your neighbors are not looking at your yard. Though it could be if your home is well fenced.

2. On the beach

Sure, the sand comes in the wrong places, but is it possible to live a life without love on the beach? When you're alone on the beach, grab a blanket and get to work. There's nothing like doing it in the open air with the waves crashing behind you.

3. Your Car

Although fumbling around in your car may seem like looking back at your high school days, stopping and getting in a secluded spot is exciting and quite hot.Opt for the front seat or jump in the back seat if you want to relax a little more.

4. In front of a window

In order not to surprise your neighbors, do this at night with the lights off. You can see outside, but no one can see inside. It's sweet and secret.

5. In the kitchen

Stand on the kitchen counter or dining table and start cooking.It can also stand on an island or even park directly in front of the refrigerator. Just make sure you sanitize it before you start making dinner.

6. In the bathroom

There are so many options here, from sitting on the bathroom counter to sticking it to the bathroom wall. What is special about the effect of the bath? The large mirrors that allow you to see the view.And then there is of course love making in the shower, it is protected, it's wet, and allows you to go crazy because the sound of running mostly drowned every tone.If it gets hot, make your move; You will experience erotic thrills every time you enter the room afterwards.

7. On your living room floor

After months of endless Netflix and chilling in sweats, the living room might feel like the least love room in the house. All these months of quarantine may have made it feel especially lived in. On your next date night, pick a steamy show (may we suggest Bridgerton) and camp out under a blanket on the floor. When things start heating up, make your move you'll get an erotic thrill every time you enter the room after that.

8. On a balcony

If you are more of an indoor person, but still want to experience the thrill of outdoor love, your balcony is the right place for you! If you have an enclosed balcony with some space, you can put a few blankets down and enjoy the fresh air together. Or try leaning on the balcony with your partner standing behind you. Enjoy the view, you two.

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