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Sweet Ways To Show A Girl How Much You Love Her.

1. Be as close as possible. Spend more time with your girl in person, and you could keep yourself physically close by holding her hands.

2. Show her your world and she will be willing to immerse herself in it. For instance you can introduce her to your friends and family.

3. Say you love her without conviction. Make sure you mean it with you heart, because she will know if it is not true.

4. Protect her. Be there for her when someone when someone tries to hurt her physically or emotionally. Let her know you will always be there for her.

5. Live in her world. Not only could you be close to her hobbies and interest but also spend time with her friends and family.

6. Do something she can do for herself. It is a simple gesture, that shows you are willing to help her when she needs anything.

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