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Gestures That Will Convince Her That You Like Her. (The Power Of Love)

Touching her physically.

What do you normally do when your woman gets from work? Don't be a boring type of man asking her how her day was. This is something that completely seems outdated. What you should do is to try and massage her feet. Ensure you use warm water so that she can feel relaxed.

You should only do such a thing if you talk freely with her. If she is a girl who you aren't that too free with her, you can touch her back or her hands. That's a simple way you can show affection to a woman you are into her.

Grabbing her "assets" can also be a nice idea, she may look like she isn't confident with it but in real sense, women do like it. If you find it difficult, yiu can just decide and compliment on her body. Compliments can make her know that you are interested in her.

Winking when you see her.

I am double sure that some men here have never winked when they see their loved ones. Winking is a special way of showing her that you appreciate her presence. I would recommend you to do it when she is with her friends.

When you are winking, ensure that you smile back at her. Don't let your smile be a fake on, a genuine simple smile can do the trick. You should also be able to know which eye you should use to wink. Each eye has it's own different meaning when it comes to winking.

To avoid being a biased person, there are those people who wear glasses. Do not worry because i also have a solution for you. Instead of winking, you can just node your head just to make her aware that you have seen her. If she has seen you, she can respond it by waving back at you.

Carrying her on your back when you are walking in streets.

Yah sure, that's something you all need to do. If you are a shy man, you will see like the statement isn't making any sense. Every woman would like her man to do such a thing but she can't tell you directly. So atleast you should thank me for making it clear.

If you want your love to last forever, you need to start doing some of the things that you were doing while you were still young. Playing hide and seek can also be a good idea or playing with your pillows. Those are some of the things you need to do before you get old.

Hope those gestures will be of great help to you. Meanwhile i humbly appreciate your continued support towards our page. See you soon and stay safe. Bye and take care.

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The Power Of Love


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