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A Girl Wants You To Date Her If She Tells You These Things

Women unlike men will not reveal what they want when it comes to dating. They believe that men should always make the first move in dating and this way they opt to be silent. However, if a lady loves you and wants to date you, she will try to pass the message to you indirectly. What she says to you carries a lot of meaning and it is your responsibility to understand it.

Below are some of things she will tell you when she wants you to date her.

1. She will be open about her previous relationship. She will tell you how it was and why it ended. If she has not been in one before, she will tell you how she has wished to date but has never found anyone. This a sign that she wants you date her.

2. If a lady tells you that people always think you two are dating, she wants you to date her. She is trying to tell you that the two of you can make a good couple. Maybe it is just one of her friends friends who said that but she will make it sound like everyone around you sees the same.

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