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Divorce Affair

Opinion: People Should Achieve Their Dreams Before Getting Married

Hello there,i hope you are fine.are you single or planning to get married soon?well,in this article today i will let you know more about marriage and why it is important to achieve your dreams first before getting married.have you ever wondered why cases of divorce continue to rise as years goes by? despite of couples holding colourful weddings and promising each other eternity they end up getting separated and hating each other is the kids who suffer the most especially if their parents separated in a bad way and refuse to co-parent.

According to new studies,the main reasons leading couples to divorce are the same. people decide to break up because of infidelity, financial problems,egoism,and lack of understanding between each is sad to note that girls as young as twenty get married and end up being divorced because of many factors,for example lack of a stable job or money generating activity can lead to early divorce because the providing partner may have challenges when trying to satisfy the needs of his jobless is therefore improtant for one to achieve his or her dreams before getting married in order to avoid alot of challenges.

Below is a few things people should have before getting married;

a good source of income.

Some women believe that once they are married,it is the duty of the man to take care of all responsibilities in their home.this is wrong and can lead to early break up.


Education is important to everyone; it helps you gain respect and also assist you to apply knowledge in different situations that you will encounter.


Both parties should be mature enough to know what they want before getting married.

future plans.

Before getting married one should be able to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary challenges.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that needs time and understanding for the parties involved.if you are not sure,give yourself enough time before getting is important to make the right decisions in order to avoid unnecessary regrets, good luck!.

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