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How To Attract The Girl You Desire

1. First impression is always important. Pay attention on how you will approach her. When you meet for the first time make her realize you are indeed a nice guy.

2. Invest in yourself. Take care of your physical appearance like maintaining a good hygiene. Looking attractive will also boost your confidence around girls.

3. Stay busy to show her that you have your own life. Focus on your goals and hang out with friends. If you treat her like she is the only person, she might think you are desperate.

4. Win over her friends. Her besties have a big influence on her and that is why you need to know them and get them to like you.

5. Be mysterious. You do not have to reveal everything about yourself. Let her investigate things she would like to know about you.

6. Charm her with humor. Girls like guys who can make them laugh. However, there are some boundaries you should respect.

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