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Husband and wife relationship

8 Basic Things A Woman Should Achieve Before Getting Married

I am actually inexperienced with marriage yet I will try to keep it for you from my point of view. I hope most girls would relate to this.

But I have very clear thoughts for this:

1.Should Be Ready For Marriage First.

Always go for marriage when you feel you are ready for it. There is no such age limit for getting married. Most important thing is your happiness.

Would you prefer being depressed after marriage and ruin more lives? You won’t yourself be happy neither your partner would be happy if its a step just in the saying of others.

So its better be clear at very first stage go for a marriage only when you feel you are ready. No society, No relatives would be there to support you after you get married.

2.Are You Happy With Your Partner?

As long as you are happy with your partner and his family there is nothing better. Its you who will be with them for rest of your life so first makes sure it makes you happy.

If you love your partner’s family as much as you love yours thats just the best and its going to be perfect then. Once you are happy trust me your family will eventually start liking your partner’s family.

So make sure you spend more time learning them, knowing them and Loving them. Understanding their likes, dislikes everything. Treating them more like your own parents and siblings.

3. Achieve Her Goals, targets and aims.

She should try to achieve all her goals and aims before getting married. Trust me there are going to be few boundaries after you get married maybe from your own end.You will always start choosing responsibilities over other things.So its better to achieve all your goals before it so that you will be self content about all your goals and can manage your married life without any guilt of incompleted aims or goals.

4. Understand your partner well.

So this marriage is going to be between just two of you. Basically you both are going to be whole and soul of the marriage so make sure you get to know each other well before marriage.

Make sure you both get to know each other well and understand each other better before marriage.

5. Be Independent.

Make sure you earn enough. Being Independent doesn’t mean being arrogant or ignorant about it. Just be in a better place where u earn well.

You should always be able to support your partner in all way you can maybe financially or mentally. Being Independent and earning well will arouse your self confidence.

6.Eliminate Something that Doesn’t Serve You

Cigarettes, alcohol, porn, video games, procrastination, distraction, jealousy.The list of vices with which you might struggle is endless.Pick one of them and begin eliminating it today.

Life is too short to be controlled by your most basic instincts.Set yourself free from the these vices which is bogging down your life and your marriage will be better for it.

7.Private residence.

I've witnessed cases where women married while still living with their parents. Marriage necessitates solitude, and staying in a family home may not be conducive to a newly married man's desire to design his own home. Before a woman man considers marriage, she should purchase a home. It could be a rented home or one she built with her own funds. Having a home earns you respect and establishes you as a responsible woman. It's also a sign that you're ready to embark on the difficult journey that is marriage.

8.A steady stream of income.

It is not a good idea for an unemployed woman to get married . In that marriage fraught with various problems, there are things that you must deal out with money. For example, being able to provide for your husband (when his pocket is dry) and children's fundamental requirements cannot be negotiable. A woman must prepare herself for all of the substitute obligations that come with marriage, and creating a consistent source of income is an excellent way to do so.

If you're about to begin on this path, I wish you a happy house and a prosperous marriage.

Content created and supplied by: Jobwanjala (via Opera News )


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