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5 stages of relationship everyone should go through.

Finding a perfect partner that you can spend the rest of your life with is difficult, some people might be lucky to find their soulmate on their first relationship while some will have several relationships before they find the one. Let's look at some stages every relationship has to go through :

The romance stage. At this stage things are always fun and memorable as you are getting to know each other. At this point you are only focused on what you like about your partner and always tend to overlook the bad things they might be doing.

Power struggle stage. After you have been in a relationship for some time partners will want to be in control of the relationship. Relationships can never be perfect and this can lead to withdrawal from the relationship and feeling emotionally withdrawn . When this happens its important you affirm your partner how love them and you are there for them.

Stability stage. After overcoming issues that your relationship might have gone through you become even more in love. At this point you can truly trust your partner because they have been there and supported you through your lowest times in your union.

Commitment. This stage can represent marriage to those that are willing to take their relationship to another level. If your relationship successfully reaches this stage you have already known your partner inside out and you an openly admit that you can't live with each other.

The bliss stage. If you and your partner have been together for a long time, it is important that you continue maturing your romance so that you don't fall out of love.

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