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Divorce Affair

How To Handle A Cheating Partner

1.Build trust.

Cheating is one of the things that indicates that a person is not worthy or capable of a good healthy relationship.On one hand, good people make bad choices and they can make amends. Forgiveness can lead to a better relationship.

2. Understand the kind of your partner's cheating.

People cheat for many different reasons, some cheat because they are seeking an emotional connection, others try to deal with a loss of crisis or seeking an escape. Do not assume that your partner's cheating was all about sex,No, try to find out.

3. Ensure that you know where your partner is.

For this reason, you will need to know where your partner is at all times.

4. Talk to your partner when you are ready.

Learning that your partner has had an affair, this will raise your emotions, you may need sometime before you can talk to your partner.

5.Request that your partner cut off all links with the third party.

The third party needs to be out of the picture for the relationship to survive. This maybe achieved through a change in lifestyle such as quitting job or moving to a new station.

6.Set boundaries about relationships outside your marriage.

Healthy relationship boundaries should be respected.Your partner should not talk to a work friend about you or your marital status.

7.Talk about your partner's cheating but set limits

Do not ask your partner to reveal things that will be too hurtful for you to hear.

8. Forgive on your own terms

Try to look for your own ways to forgive your partner.

9. Seek help from a counselor.

Search for a counselor to intervene your case where applicable.

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